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Reno, Nevada

Name of Organization:

Northern Nevada Child & Adolescent Services; Early Childhood Mental Health Services

Type of Agency:

State Mental Health Program


2655 Enterprise Rd., Reno, Nevada 89512

Client Population Served:

Agency wide- children from birth to 17 years

Early Childhood Mental Health program sees children from birth to 7 years

Services Provided:

Provides therapy and case management for children and their families. Play therapy, individual/group/family therapy, social skills groups, parenting groups, group education and counseling.

Contact Person:

Joyce Larsen, MFT


(775) 688-1600

Theoretical Orientation:

Behavioral, cognitive-behavioral, family systems

Specialized Populations/Services:

One-way mirror set up into children’s group room with speaker system. In-home counseling for families. Child observation and consultation with community child care providers, preschool providers, and school district personnel. Sliding scale fees available. Day treatment offered in cooperation with Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Task Force, offering therapeutic day treatment services for children 3 through 5 yrs of age who are identified as the victim of a crime.

Special Remarks:

Site approved as of 2005. Must complete an interview and application process, which includes fingerprinting for FBI and background check. Generally have 3-5 interns each year. Supervision meets BBS standards.

Link to Agency:

None at this time