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Name of Organization:

Turning Point Children’s Mental Health, Sequoia Youth Services

Type of Agency:

Private non-profit mental health agency; State or County mental health program; outpatient clinic; treatment center for behavior disordered and/or emotionally disturbed children


516 North Kaweah, Exeter, CA. 93221

Client Population Served:

Serves children from birth to age 24 with mental health disorders that significantly impact the child, or family’s ability to function at home, school or in the community.

Services Provided:

Currently serves approximately 400 families and receives daily referrals for services. Includes children that are referred by the school district for emotional disturbance (AB 3632), Child Welfare referrals, and 5150 evaluations/post hospitalizations.

Contact Person:

Diane Hilliard, LCSW


(559) 594-4969

Theoretical Orientation:

Orientation involves cultural competency as related to professional relationships. Regarding client care, cultural competency is addressed formally in the assessment, treatment planning, and assignment of clinician for all clients. Agency is responsible for providing Specialty Mental Health Services under Medi-Cal Managed Care. This requires strong Systems theory approach combined with psycho education.

Specialized Populations/Services:

AB 3632 children; children with severe emotional disorders and their families; established to support underserved rural communities.

Special Remarks:

Site approved as of 2006. Comprehensive training which considers personality, life experiences and personal beliefs of the student and trainer. Offers 2 hrs/week of individual supervision as well as group supervision; consultation as needed as well as training seminars available. Takes approximately 4-6 practicum trainees yearly.

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